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Middletown Springs History

History of Middletown, Vermont, by Barnes Frisbie (1867, reprinted 1975), tells the early history of the town in great detail. About 1774 a few settlers, mostly from Connecticut, started coming into this area that lay in a fertile valley ringed about by high hills. A  good-sized stream promised power for mills that a new settlement would need. In increasing numbers they cleared land, built log cabins, prepared fields for planting, and laid plans for mills along the river. When news came of the war with England, many able-bodied men dropped everything and headed south. After the Battle of Bennington, they were mustered out in 1778-79 and came back, eager to take up their unfinished work.

As grist mills, tanneries, distilleries and sawmills were set up along the Poultney River, and as new settlers arrived, residents of the surrounding towns who lived closer to the new settlement than to their own village centers joined in the new venture. By 1783 this settlement, then parts of Ira, Tinmouth, Pawlet and Wells, held about 300 dwellers, and interest arose about organizing a new town.

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Circa 1870 sepia, visitors gather at ornate spring house pavilion.
Soon after the Montvert Hotel was built in 1870, the Spring House was added as an amenity so that hotel guests could “take the waters.”
Cover of book "Middletown Springs Historic District."
The recently published Middletown Springs Historic District book is a must have for anyone interested in historic properties and places in the village.

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Middletown Springs Historic District

The Middletown Springs Historical Society is proud to announce its publication of the Middletown Springs Historic District book, a collection of the photographs and descriptions of the historic properties and places in the village of Middletown Springs, based on the National Register of Historic Places Nomination Form, prepared by historic preservation architect, Matthew Cohen, and approved by the National Park Service in Washington, D.C. in 1985. 
Middletown Springs Historic District book, $60, postpaid.

History of Middletown, Vermont

by Barnes Frisbie, (1867, revised 1975)
137 pp. Gently used copies, $35 postpaid.
Photocopies or CD copies, $20 postpaid.

Another excellent reference is The Historic Architecture of Rutland County (1988, out of print but available to see at the Historical Society), which includes additional historic properties in Middletown Springs.

Brown glass water bottle, circa late 1800s, embossed with Middletown Healing Springs Mineral Water.
MSHS sells Middletown Mineral Springs bottles.


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